Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea
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"Taiping Houkui (literally: 'peaceful monkey leader'), one of the Top Ten Teas in China, also a historically reputed tea since Qing Dynasty, is grown at the Hou-keng areas at Huang-shan City of Anhui Province. It won the ""King of Tea"" award at China Tea Exhibition 2004 and is sometimes listed as a China famous tea.


The Taiping Houkui is renowned for its ""two knives and one pole"": two straight leaves clasping the enormous bud with white hairs. The oven-made leaves are deep green in color with red veins underneath. The tea shoots can be as long as 15 centimetres (5.9 in) and are plucked from the Shi Da Cha, a large-leaf variety found only in Anhui Province. And surprisingly its size does not affect its delicate orchid fragrance with a mellow taste which lasts up to four brewing. In a glass, the leaf gracefully sways in the water which is described as the “Phoenix dances”. Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

【Name】: Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea/ peaceful monkey leader tea
【Origin】: Huangshan,China
【Altitude】: 800M above sea
【Process】:Plucking-picking-pan frying-cooling-1st heating-2nd heating-3rd heating-cooling-packing
【Harvest Time】: Spring
【Dried Leaves】:Long flat, straight and evenly appearance, one bud surrounded by two leaves with white tips appear indistinctly, jade green color
【Infusion】: Bright, clear and transparent, with very light yellowish green color
【Taste】: Refreshing, smooth, mellow with sweet aftertaste
【Aroma】: Fresh,sweet,with slight orchid flavor.
【Brewed Tea Leaves】:Bright and even green in color, the leaves are thick,soft and elastic
【Shelf Life】: Two Years,Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated

Product Details

1.Dry tea is flat and straight, fresh green in color, with two leaves holding buds

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

2.The infusion is bright yellow and has a refreshing taste, with slight orchid flavor.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-


3. Bright and even green in color, the leaves are thick,oft and elastic

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

Specialties of tea harvesting:

  1. Pick the tea trees that grow vigorously.
  2. Pick strong and straight tea shoots.

Pick young tea leaves that are mostly fat.

Differences Good Bad
Dry tea Ember green, even tea shape,thick leaf Dark green,yellowish, tea leaf are not even, with broken thin leaves.
Aroma Fresh, with slight orchid flavor Grassy
Harvest time Spring Summer, teas turn to yellow easily than spring tea
Tea infusion Bright green Dark, yellow
Taste Sweet Astringency, grassy
Boiled Tea leaf Tender green With black spot, dark yellow

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

Hou kui by different preparing process are decided into different shape:


Hand made Houkui

  • Nie Jian Hou Kui
  • Kui Jian Hou Kui(Lower grade than Nie Jian)


Bu Jian/ machine made Houkui

  • Shuang Zhi Hou Kui(two leaf)
  • Dan Zhi Hou Kui (single leaf)

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

Fresh From Origin

Houkeng Tea Garden is at an elevation of about 800 meters in Houkeng Village, in Xinming County. The ecological environment here makes it a perfect place to produce tea, with an average temperature of 14-15℃ and about 95% forest covering.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-



Authentic Hookui tea  production area, hand-picked from the fresh buds and leaves before Gu Yu, the strip length is moderate, as the primary raw material

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

Unlike most the green teas, Taiping Houkui does not undergo any rolling process. It is dried at once using a series of bamboo baskets heated at various temperatures. Inactivation of enzyme as well as enhancement of flavor takes place during these unique processes. Eventually, Taiping Houkui preserves its most natural shape, and the end product presents an exclusive characteristics. It has been used as one of the gift teas for diplomatic mission in China.

When brewed, Taiping Houkui’s infusion shows good clarity with a brilliant green color. The tea’s gentle floral aroma persists over multiple infusions. The taste is fresh with distinctive with notes of toasted bamboo leaf. A fascinating tea to look at as well as drink."

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

After sorting, spreading, oxidation, shaping, pressing, baking and other processes,

Refined the Hou Kui Teas  according to ancient methods and inheriting traditional technological processes,

 the authentic charm of Taiping Monkey and Hou Kui Monkey tea unveiled.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

It takes at least 6 hours to finish a kilogram of Hou Kui tea

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-


Tai Ping Hou Kui is a fabulous green tea from Anhui with uniquely-shaped, flat leaves, marking it much different from other green teas - and, also, it is one of China’s top ten teas. Our tea comes from the village of Houkeng, the origin place of Tai Ping Hou Kui.


Honor of Taiping Houkui Tea

Early in 1915, Tai Ping Hou Kui tea won the golden award in the Panama Pacific International Exposition, and in 1955 it earned its status as one of China’s top ten most famous teas.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-


There is a beautiful legend for the origin of Tai Ping Hou Kui green tea:

Once upon a time, high up on the slopes of Huangshan Mountain, there lived a small monkey. One day he went out to play, and wandered into nearby Taiping County - but got lost there, trying to find his way home in a strange place he’d never visited. Once his parents realized that he had failed to return home, one of them set out and searched through the entire country to try to find him, but never succeeded and eventually died of exhaustion somewhere northwest of Taiping County.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

In a valley near the village there lived a kind-hearted man named Wang Laoer, who made a living picking wild tea leaves and digging up herbs from the deep slopes. While out on a cool misty morning he discovered the old monkey’s body nestled into a small hole along the mountain slopes, and out of respect, he buried them there and planted a young tea tree nearby to mark the grave.Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

About a year later Wang Laoer found his way back to this place while searching for wild tea trees from which to pick - and discovered that the place had drastically changed, with large, beautiful tea trees growing everywhere. It was then that he realized that it had to have been the monkey he buried that granted the tea trees to him, in recognition of his display of kindness.In honor of this, he chose to name the place Hou Gang, and named the leaves picked from the trees here Hou Kui.

Taiping Hou Kui Green Tea-

Health Benefits:

  1. Excitation effect
  2. Diuretic effect
  3. Strong heart spasm effect
  4. Inhibitory effect of arteriosclerosis
  5. Anti-aging
  6. Radiation prevention
  7. Beauty&care of skin
  8. Lower blood lipids and blood sugar

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