Organic Chinese Xi Hu Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea
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Organic Chinese West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea, aka Xi Hu Long Jing Cha, is produced and processed in accordance with the methods of organic agriculture. The spring picking time is strictly stipulated, and the tea is picked by hand to ensure that the tea is rich in nutrients and tea materials. The Longjing tea buds and leaves are strong, ( with high content of theanine) tastes fresh and sweet, with rich aroma.

【Name】:Organic Xi Hu Long Jing Green Tea/West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea/ Long Jing Cha
【Origin】: Zhejiang,China
【SKU】:  ORT316
【Altitude】: 500M above sea
【Process】:Plucking--Spreading-Fixation-Shaping-Pan firing--Screening-Packing
【Harvest Time】: Spring
【Dried Leaves】: Even, compact, heavy and straight with sharp edge
【Infusion】:Greenish and bright
【Taste】: Fresh, mellow and sweet
【Aroma】:Fried bean aroma
【Brewed Tea Leaves】: One bud with two tender leaves in pale green color
【Shelf Life】: Two Years,Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated

Product Details

1.The tea appearance is flat, the color is green and the dry tea is fragrant with strong fried yellow bean flavor.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

2.The tea infusion is yellow-green, bright and clear, the tea taste is sweet

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

3.  The boiled tea buds and leaves are complete, tender and soft, like the skin of baby.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

Fresh From Origin

Our Organic Longjing green tea comes from pollution-free tea plantation

 in Zhejiang, where the climate is mild, with rain and fog lingering.

Plenty of rainfall, rich soil, rich internal quality

Condensed into clouds and mist all year round over the tea area, with good geographical environment and high-quality water sources,

It provides unique natural growth conditions for Long jing tea production.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

From organic tea plantation


  1. Strict standards, soil and air condition must meet the international standards
  2. No pesticide residues, no pesticides, fertilizers and chemical additives
  3. With organic certificate, test report


The production and processing method are taken according to the organic standard, in the production process, no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used at all. The use of pesticides, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, food additives and other substances is strictly prohibited during planting, and only rapeseed cakes are used.


Moreover, the organic tea we make is fully controlled from the environment, planting, processing to sales, to ensure that every piece of tea you drink is truly organic tea, and with affordable price.

The tea garden is nourished and influenced by the water of Qiandao Lake. Qiandao Lake is a national first-level water area, and its water can reach the drinking water standard without any treatment. Such an innate condition ensures that the environment in which the tea trees grow is pure and pollution-free, and gives the finished teas a natural sweet aftertaste.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

Freshly picked sprouts before Ming Dynasty

Our picking standard is one bud and two leaves,

The second leaves are leftovers, and the extra tea leaves is not allowed

According to this strict picking standard,

The annual output of Long Jing tea is still relatively small.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

Multi-layer process quality assurance

Traditional hand-fried

Pick one bud and two leaves before Ming Dynasty

Fried with authentic craftsmanship,

Achieve: beautiful shape, amber green color, rich fragrance and sweet taste.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-


The manufacturing process of Longjing dragon well tea includes the following steps:

Plucking--Spreading-Fixation-Shaping-Pan firing--Screening-Packing


1: Collect Tea Leaves: Pick Longjing tea shoots on the selection of fresh leaves, thumb and forefinger pinch to break it off.

2: Withering: The fresh tea leaves are spread thinly to improve natural tea aroma, reduce bitterness and astringency, as well improve freshness of tea taste.

3: Fixation: It Mainly kills the activity of enzyme, emits moisture from tea leaves, preliminarily shapes and colors the tea, which lays a good foundation for stir roasting fixation.

4: Stir roasting fixations: Stir roasting fixation is the last step of stir frying Longjing tea. In order to make the surface of finished tea leaves flat,green, smooth and bright.

5: Finished Long Jing Tea: The appearance is flat, straight and even. The lingering tea fragrance is clear and fresh. After brewing, the tea buds become tender and uniform, with fresh taste, which is very refreshing.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-


According to historical records, Longjing tea became a tribute tea in the Northern Song Dynasty, and was even more valued in the Yuan Dynasty, and its quality has been continuously improved. When it developed to the Qing Dynasty, it became famous and received a lot of praise.


It is said that the origin of Longjing tea is due to the peach event held by the Queen Mother. At the Pantao meeting, a god who accidentally overturned the tea tray and dropped the tea cup into the world. Later, when the fairy went to the world to search for a teacup, he found that it had already turned into a well, nourishing more than a dozen tea trees, and these numbers were of outstanding quality under the irrigation of this well. This is today's Longjing tea tree. There is also a historical story about the origin of Longjing tea. According to legend, when the Emperor Qianlong visited Jiangnan Weifu, he saw a tea girl picking tea, so he participated. After returning to her residence, the Queen Mother always smelled a delicate fragrance, and asked about the fragrance of dried tea leaves. After drinking the brewed tea, the queen mother was refreshed, so Qianlong was overjoyed and sealed Longjing tea as imperial tea.

Although there are many cultural legends of Longjing tea, they are generally known for their high quality and good tea flavor.


After the founding of the PRC, Long Jing was divided into three categories: “Lion Peak”, “Mei Jia Wu”, and the premium “Xihu” Long Jing that we sell. In 1996 the West Lake village of Hangzhou City was recognized by the government as the hometown of Long Jing tea, and in recognition of the value and quality of this tea as well as the importance of the environment and culture to its production, the government also introduced special protections for the area to preserve its natural state and unique tea culture.

Organic Chinese Xi Hu  Long Jing cha west Lake Dragon Well Green Tea-

Health Benefits :

  1. Produce body fluid to quench thirst and relieve fatigue(Chinese saying)
  2. Anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effects
  3. Both caffeine and theophylline in tea have diuretic effects
  4. It can inhibit arteriosclerosis
  5. Can lose weight and beautifythe skin
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