ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea
ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea
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Green Snail Spring tea is a Chinese green tea made up of tightly rolled fuzzy buds that resemble spiral shells . While steeping, they unfurl to deliver intricate notes of roasted nuts, soft smokiness and a hop-like crispness. As it fades, a dry white grape character lingers.


The name Biluochun/Pi Luo Chun literally means "green snail spring". It’s called so because it is a green tea that is cropped in early spring and rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat shape.


Biluochun is also grown in Zhejiang, Fujian and Sichuan province. Their leaves are larger and less uniform (may contain yellow leaves). They taste more nutty than fruity and smooth.

【Name】: Green Snail Green Tea
【Origin】: Fujian,China
【Altitude】: 600M above sea
【Process】: :Plucking-withering-pan frying-rolling -drying-packing
【Harvest Time】: Spring
【Dried Leaves】: Tightly rolled fuzzy buds that resemble spiral shells
【Infusion】:Bright Yellow green
【Taste】: Good endnote, refreshing
【Aroma】: Fresh,sweet
【Brewed Tea Leaves】:Deep green in color, the leaves are thick,soft and elastic
【Shelf Life】: Two Years,Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated

Product Details

1. The shape is curly and firm, with a little white bud.

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

Bi Luo Chun, known as "Green Snail Spring" . Our green snail tea is spring-picked offering from high Mountains from Fujian province. A sweet & vegetal flavor green tea that comes out early in the harvest. The leaf is a crisp green color, strongly curled in round ball shape and sprinkled with white buds. It offers a greener leaf appearance and a wonderful herbaceous taste. The tiny curled leaves provide a potent, thick vegetal brew. An excellent value tea that captures a taste of spring in a sweet, relaxing cup.

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

2.The infusion is bright yellow and has a refreshing taste

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

3.Bright and even deep green in color, the leaves are thick,oft and elastic

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

Fresh From Origin


Fujian province is one of China's most prolific tea producing areas. These teas account for one-fifth of China's total tea output, and the consistently high quality keeps them in demand. A coastal province (Taiwan lies just to the east, across the Taiwan Strait), Fujian benefits from an excellent climate, combining mild temperatures, abundant rainfall, and a very mountainous terrain. The misty mountain scenery is a mainstay of traditional Chinese art. In fact, the traditional description of Fujian is '8 parts mountain, 1 part water and 1 part farmland.' Fujian has a long history of cultivating tea: over 1,000 years.

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-


Picking fresh tea buds from the upper part of the tea tree--Withering-Pan frying-Rolling twist-Drying-Packing

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea- ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-


The local small-leaf tea trees in Fujian sprout in early spring, with buds that grow quickly and healthily in abundance. New flushes are strong and short with little pekoe, and the tea leaves come to be jade green. These plants have a strong resistance to cold, which is beneficial for green and black teas.

The spring buds contain 3.7% amino acids, 18.5% polyphenol, 12.1% EGCG, and 4% caffeine.

ORT60-Green Snail Green Tea-

Health Benefits:

The health benefits of Chinese green tea have been discussed ever since. The effective components in green tea, like TP (tea polyphenol), amino acid, and vitamincan are very helpful to health in many aspects, which has been proved by modern research. E.G.:


Prevent cancer

Lose weight

Protect and beautify skin


Other Chinese green tea benefits also include inflammation-killing, reducing lipid, resisting radiation damage, and improving memory.

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