Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea
Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea
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Pi Luo Chun Jasmine green tea, aka Jasmine Spiral Tea, Jasmine Snail Tea, it’s made from high-quality green tea Biluochun and combined with jasmine buds flower. When the jasmine green tea is brewed in a transparent glass, the tea leaves sink into the cup bottom slowly with the jasmine flowers floating on the surface.


It is produced from high-quality, early spring tea buds and quality jasmine flowers to create a fresh flavor and lingering aroma over multiple infusions.


This rare jasmine-scented green tea is produced from the finest quality green tea buds. Recommended to all green tea lovers and a must try if you like jasmine-scented green teas.

【Name】: Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea/Jasmine Spiral Tea/ Jasmine Snail Tea
【Origin】: Fujian,China/Guangxi,China
【SKU】: ORT21
【Altitude】: 400M above sea
【Process】: Process of tealeaves: Withering-First drying-Selecting-Reheating

Preparation of jasmine flower: Cooling-Curing-Sieving

Mixing of green tealeaves with jasmine flower: Ventilation-Separate the flower-First scenting-Second scenting-Third scenting-Repeat scenting

【Harvest Time】: Spring,Summer
【Dried Leaves】: White and green leaves rolled in spiral shape
【Infusion】: Bright yellow
【Taste】: Smooth and sweet taste
【Aroma】: Refreshing with noticeable jasmine fragrance
【Brewed Tealeaves】: The leaves are fresh, soft and light green
【Shelf Life】: Two Years,Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and light

Product Details

  1. Dried tea Leaves: The shape particles are round and tight into a spiral, shaped like a snail, dark green in color.Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea- Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

The tea Infusion is light yellow, bright,and the taste is fresh,Brisk and smooth with clear natural sweet taste lingered in the mouth, the sweet after taste lasts long.Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

3.The brewed tea leaves are fresh, soft and light green  Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

Fresh From Origin

Fujian province is one of China's most prolific tea producing areas. These teas account for one-fifth of China's total tea output, and the consistently high quality keeps them in demand. A coastal province (Taiwan lies just to the east, across the Taiwan Strait), Fujian benefits from an excellent climate, combining mild temperatures, abundant rainfall, and a very mountainous terrain. The misty mountain scenery is a mainstay of traditional Chinese art. In fact, the traditional description of Fujian is '8 parts mountain, 1 part water and 1 part farmland.' Fujian has a long history of cultivating tea: over 1,000 years.Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-


Selected high-quality green tea and jasmine bud, using multiple scenting technology, strong fragrance, long tea flavor.

The process of scenting has several steps: Combining tea and jasmine flowers, Piling, Baking, Cooling, and Binning.

Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-


Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

Jasmine come from jasmine garden in Guangxi


The jasmine used to scent this tea originates from Guangxi, where it has earned its reputation nationwide. Hengxian, known as the City of Chinese Jasmine, is the most notable area of production - and earned its name for its ability to produce jasmine flowers of both high yield and high quality.

Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

Seven times scenting and one time flavor lifting with flowers of richer fragrance

Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-

This scenting process is repeated with fresh jasmine flowers to a total of 6 to 7times. Each time requires adding around 1 kg of fresh flowers to same quantity tea. Each scenting process takes 6 to 7 hours. This highly-involved process requires around 3.5 kg of fresh Silver Needle tea leaves and 6 kg of jasmine flowers to produce 1kg of Jasmine Tea.

Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-


Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-



The Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine green tea has a fresh and agile floral fragrance, fat and strong buds and leaves, beautiful shape, mellow and sweet, and comfortable.


The natural infusion of jasmine flavour from pure jasmine blossoms scattered over the drying leaves results in this exquisite and aromatic infusion with light refreshing sweetness. A pale, clear infusion with a garrulous hint of green tea allows the jasmine to shine through. The taste is smooth and rich with a sweetness similar to that of sugar cane. The added infusion of jasmine makes this a sweet and smooth cup of tea.

Pi Luo Chun Spiral Jasmine Green Tea-



Scented green tea has a history stretching back over a thousand years, to the first innovation of adding spices and flowers to tea during the Song Dynasty around 960 AD. During the Ming Dynasty in the 1500s, the modern method wherein flowers are added to the tea prior to drying was introduced; however, at this time jasmine tea was quite rare, due to the complexities of the steps needed. Then during the mid-1800s in the Qing Dynasty, the production methods were perfected and as a result the number of tea farms rapidly increased, leading to higher volumes and lower prices. This in turn led to a surge in popularity, which the tea has retained to this day.


Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea:

1.For Cardiovascular Heart

2.Ideal for Insomniacs

   3.For Psychological Health

4.Prevents Cancer5.For Digestive System

6. Boosts Immune System

7. For Weight loss,Youthful Skin

8. Prevents Cough and Cold


The health benefits of jasmine tea are wondrous like its fragrance. They can surely do wonder for your health but don’t forget that every remedy works best in moderation.

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