Whether tea need to be stored in the refrigerator or not?

Green Tea

Green Tea had better be stored in the refrigerator, such as West Lake Long Jing(Dragon Well) Green Tea, Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun/Pi Lo Chun Green Tea and Xinyang Maojian Greeen Tea.

Green Tea for daily drinking or not requiring long-term preservation can be stored in the refrigerating chamber. Green Tea of which the tea package is not opened and will not be drunk within a short time can be directly stored in the freezing chamber.

Black Tea and Oolong Tea

Whether Black Tea(fully oxidized tea) and Oolong Tea(semi oxidized tea) need to be stored in the refrigerator or not deeps on the tea itself.

Black Tea can be stored at room temperature in most cases, which has little effect on the quality of tea. Some high-quality Black Tea processed with much more delicate raw materials, such as Jin Jun Mei/Golden Eyebrow Black Tea, usually contains higher content of theaflavin and can be stored in the low-temperature environment of the refrigerator for a period of time in the sealed case, which is conducive to decleasing the browning speed of black tea.

As for Oolong Tea, generally, only light aroma type Oolong Tea with lower degree of fermentation is suitable for being stored in the refrigerator.

White Tea and Dark Tea

White Tea and Dark Tea are completely not suitable for being stored in the refrigerator.

White Tea, involved in the later transformation, and post-fermented Dark Tea, required to be aged to achieve a better drinking value, both need to be stored in a cool and dry environment.

Whether tea need to be stored in the refrigerator or not?-