What Is a Good White Tea?

White tea, originated from Fujian Province China, is a kind of tea with light taste and low natural caffeine content. White tea gets its name from the white hairs on the tender leaves, and famous for its delicate aroma, taste and color.


How Is White Tea Made?

White tea is usually picked in spring, which is made of tender buds. After picking, it withers naturally in the sun or in the drying room, and then it is dried, so as to package and store its flavor.


White tea requires very little processing, which helps prevent oxidation, gives it a light flavor and color, and retains some of its precious benefits.


Benefits Of White Tea:

  1. White tea can help fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Drinking white tea will strengthen our immune system.


  1. Studies have shown that white tea can help prevent colon cancer.


  1. White tea is rich in polyphenols, which is helpful to reduce hypertension and cholesterol.


  1. Scientists have found that white tea helps to protect skin and help skin anti-aging.Drinking more white tea is good for our skin health.


Need To Buy White Tea?

Oriental Tea Company Ltd. is a professional white tea manufacturer and supplier from China.


We provide a variety of excellent quality white tea, including silver needle white tea / Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Yunnan Bai Mu Dan white peony tea, Yue Guang Bai / Moonlight white tea, Shou Mei white tea, Jasmine white tea, Osmanthus white tea and so on.


The most popular type of white tea issilver needle white tea, which is the most precious white tea; Bai Mu Dan white peony tea is the second most popular choice, Shou Mei white tea is also loved by people, and Yue Guang Bai / Moonlight white tea is a very unique Chinese white tea.


In Oriental, you will find the best white tea. Whether you are looking for classic popular white tea, or need a unique niche white tea, we will provide you with the best tea, let you enjoy the best white tea.


What Is a Good White Tea?-

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