Why drink more hot tea in summer?

Many people believe that it’s only cool to have some cold drinks to quench their thirst in hot weather, while in fact, they may finally be more thirsty as they drink more and still can not relieve summer-heat. It’s not healthy and scientific to drink iced drinks. The hotter the weather is, the more you should drink hot tea!


Why should we drink tea in summer?

This is a topic about Chinese traditional Yin/Yang.

It’s hot in summer, and summer is also the most exuberant period of Yang Qi, but after summer, Yin Qi will begin to breed, when the phenomenon of Yin-Yang alternation occurs, human body is very vulnerable to disease invasion. At this time, it’s very necessary for us to pay great attention to Yin-Yang harmony, thereby protecting yang and nourishing yin. We should not only conform to the characteristics of summer of rise of yang and fall of yin to pay attention to the protection of Yang Qi, but also pay attention to "Yin Qi breeding accompanied by Summer" to recuperate and nourish Yin.


The hot weather

As midsummer has arrived, the temperature suddenly rises these days. People are very vulnerable to summer-heat evil in the six evils (referring to the excessive or untimely working of the six natural factors-wind, cold, summer heat, humidity, dryness and fire) due to the high temperature and the muggy and humid weather. We must take care of ourselves very carefully in this special weather. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to avoiding summer heat and nature the body and soul.


Physiological reasons

In the hot, muggy and humid summer, people's physiological function will be affected, for example:

  1. Digestive function is relatively weakened;
  2. Lost too much water;
  3. Prone to be hot and dry;
  4. Sunstroke;
  5. Gastrointestinal discomfort; and
  6. Colds, air conditiondisease and other problems.


A way of keeping good health via drinking tea

Therefore, when it is hot, we should pay great attention to both living and eating habits, because even small negligence is prone to cause harm to the body. If we  drink tea often, preferably green tea in summer is more suitable, whether cheap or expensive. For example, Organic bulk steamed green tea fannings for tea bags, China loose leaf Chunmee/ Xiangcha/ Precious Eyebrow/ Zhen Mei Green Tea or Taiping Houkui (Peaceful Monkey King Chinese Loose Leaf Green Tea), the effects of clearing away endogenous fire and toxic materials can be easily achieved, and the symptoms above can be well relieved .


Drinking tea to prevent sunburn 

Drinking tea is beneficial to elimination of toxins and can help people maintain beauty and keep young. Drinking tea can also make you beautiful from inside to outside, without suffering from acne and freckles, making you as beautiful as a flower.


Drinking tea to aid digestion

High temperature weakens the digestive function of the human body. Once eating greasy food, we are prone to suffer from stomach overload and indigestion, and drinking tea can play a very good role in promoting digestion function. Drinking some tea properly half an hour after meal can aid digestion.


Drinking tea to prevent sunstroke

Everyone is happy to drink cold drinks when it is hot, but drinking cold drinks in summer is more harmful to the body, and people are prone to suffer from sunstroke between hot and cold. Drinking tea instead of cold drinks can be very effective to reduce and avoid sunstroke.


Drinking tea to achieve the functions of diuresis and heat dissipation

You can feel comfortable right away via drinking cold drinks when it's stiflingly hot. That's true. But as a mater of fact, cold drinks can only make you cool for a moment, which can not thoroughly dispel the summer heat and may cause potential harm (e.g. sunstroke). If you choose to drink tea, it is hot when you drink it, but after a few cups, you will be instantly immersed in great comfort. Because with the discharge of sweat, both the heat dissipation function and the detoxifying and beautifying function can be achieved. Kill two birds with one stone!


At the beginning, you may not get used to the hot tea in summer, but try a cup of cold brew from Oolong/ Black/ Green tea under normal temperature, we bet you’ll like it!