Tips for Purchasing Green Tea

How to distinguish the quality of green tea?

  1. 1.Color: The tea infusion of superior green tea should be light green or yellowish green, clear and bright; while the tea infusion of inferior green tea would be dark yellow or turbid.
  2. 2.Aroma: Green tea has a delicate fragrance. Superior green tea further has the orchid fragrance, the Chinese chestnut fragrance and the like.
  3. 3.Taste: Superior green tea has a bitter taste at the beginning, but the aftertaste is thick and mellow; while inferior green tea is light and tasteless, even with astringency or numbness of tongue.
  4. 4.Appearance: The appearance of high-quality green tea is plump and even, for example, Longjing Green Tea is flat and straight, high-quality Gunpowder Green Tea is round, tight and even, and high-quality Maofeng Green Tea is full of silver pekoe on the surface of sharp tea buds; while poor-quality green tea is loose in strips and rough in leaf surface.

Why does green tea has "tiny hair" on surface?

"Tiny hair" on the surface of Green tea, commonly known as "tea pekoe", is a layer of tiny fuzz attached to the surface in the growing process of the fresh leaves. Usually, the higher the tenderness is, the more the tea pekoe is. The tea pekoe will fall off in the processing process, and only a small part will be retained, which can enhance the fresh taste.

Is it the case that the greener the Green Tea infusion is, the better the Green Tea is?

The answer is no. In addition to green tea tone, Green tea infusion is also slightly yellow in color. Some green tea has some white pekoe on the tea leaves, such as West Lake Longjing/Dragon Well Green Tea and Biluochun Green Tea. After green tea is brewed, the color of the tea infusion is mainly yellowish green and bright. Meanwhile, when brewing green tea, you should pay attention to controlling the water temperature and brewing time so as to prevent over oxidation of chlorophyll, which will affect the color and taste of the tea infusion.

What is the best way to brew green tea?

Green tea is fine and tender and is not suitable for being brewed with hot boiling water. It is recommended that an open glass cup should be used, the water temperature should be 80-85 DEG C, the tea-water ratio should be 1:50, and the brewing time should be 2-3 minutes. After the tea is brewed, the tea infusion is fresh green, bright and clear. It is also recommended that green tea should be drunk just after it is brewed.

What are matters needing attention during storage of Green tea?

  1. 1.Avoidingmoisture: Green tea is a kind of loose and porous hydrophilic substance, so it has a strong moisture absorption  During storage of Green tea, it is recommended that the relative humidity of 60% is much more appropriate.
  2. 2.Avoidinghigh temperature: The recommended storage temperature of green tea is 0-5 DEG C. If the temperature is too high, amino acids, sugars, vitamins and aromatic substances in tea will be decomposed and damaged, so that the quality, aroma and taste are lowered. It is recommended that green tea should be stored in the refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator.
  3. 3.Avoidingsunlight: Sunlight will promote the oxidation of green tea pigments and esters and can decompose chlorophyll into phaeophytin. After green tea is exposed to sunlight, its internal substances will react, lowering the quality of green tea.
  4. 4.Avoidingpeculiar odour: Green tea contains polymer palmitase and terpenoids which are unstable and prone to absorb peculiar

Tips for Purchasing Green Tea-