Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea
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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

Product Description
Origin Guangxi, China
Altitude 600M above sea
Material Osmanthus
Harvest time Mid autumn
Liquor Color Bright yellow with a strong and delicate fragrance
Taste Sweet, flowery
Aroma Sweet, flowery
Quality Control

1, Professional Team control upon raw tea leaves, during tea processing, before bulk tea shipment.

2,  Special inspection of authority upon raw tea leaves, during tea processing, before bulk tea shipment.

3, Complete certifications: ECO, USDA, EUROPHIN, SGS, NOP, RAINFOREST, FAIR TRADE etc.

Tea Description Sweet Osmanthus, a tiny golden-yellow flower grown in Southern China, is renowned for its golden yellow appearance and unforgettable aromatic sweet and buttery fragrance that can be smelled from far away, making it not only delicious to drink as a pure tea or part of a tea blend, but also great to create sweet desserts. In traditional Chinese medicine, sweet osmanthus has been used as an herbal tea for the treatment of irregular menstruation. The extract of dried flowers showed neuroprotective, free-radical scavenging, antioxidative effects in in vitro assays.


Our Sweet Osmanthus is 100% pure without any added artificial flavoring or coloring, and super fresh. The flowers are carefully dried for long-term storage and makes it perfect to extract all the flavor when steeped as tea. Not only enjoy a sweet and refreshing flavor but also expect your living room to be filled with a buttery flower fragnance.


The infusion yields cups of sweet and refreshing liquor, with strong aromatic flowery fragrance. You can drink it plain or blended with Green and Oolong teas, lending its sweetness and pleasant floral aroma for the perfect enjoyment.


Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-


Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea-

Find Us Here

Find Us Here:

Green Black Oolong White Tea Factory: Fuding, Fujian, China

Jasmine Tea Factory: Jasmine tea garden, Hengxian, Guangxi, China

GZ Office: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

HK office: Bldg 253-261 Hennessy RD Wanchai HK


Q1. Can I get samples?
A:Yes, free samples are available on a case by case basis at buyer's own freight cost after confirmation


Q2. What is your minimum order requirements?
A:Usually 20kgs/ item, knowing that the more quantity, the lower the price per kg.
Sample order is also acceptable.


Q3.Can you provide OEM service?
A:Sure, please contact us for more details.


Q4.How is your Quality Control?
A:From the very beginning to the very end, National Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, Authority Third-party Testing institution, QS, NOP, BRC, QS guarantee our quality.

The details for our pesticide control are as follows:
1 - we test our raw tea material.
2 - we test the first batch sample products.
3 - we test the bulk tea before shipment.
Please ask us for the original certifications.


Q5.Can I visit your factory & offices?
A:Yes, you are most welcome to visit us. Please let us know in advance so we can get organized.
We have own tea farms and factory in Fuding, Hengxian and Fengqing two hours away from Xiamen city (for white tea, green tea, oolong tea), or three hours away from Nanning airport (For Jasmine tea), and three hours away from Lincang airport (For Black Tea & Pu Erh Tea) .


Q6.When will my order shipped?
A:Products in stock usually ship within 3 days. Otherwise, depending on the tea varieties and order quantity, delivery times can vary. Please ask us and we will let you know.


Q7.Will my money be refunded if anything is wrong with my order?
A:If there is a problem or defect with your order, , please contact our manager within 10 days upon receiving your order. We will refund or replace the products if there is eviden that this is our fault.


Q8.How can you make sure your products are more competitive for my business?
A:With over 50 years of experience as manufacturers for three generations, direct trade saves significant costs. You do not need to pay middlemen nor brokers for better quality tea. We think we are at least 12% less expensive compared with traditional traders.

In addition, our teas are directly from our factory, thus are fresher than those offered by other traders. Good quality leads to better sales and less complaints;
We also do OEM for your own brand, including TEA + PACKAGES according to your demand.
As we sell big quantities to overseas, the tea quality and pesticide are under control, and such are the average prime cost, which is very competitive.
Finally, we have not only premium product sources and trading experiences, but also complete supply chain and abundant cash flow to support our global tea business.

Taste the nature, enjoy the health!

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Osmanthus Dry Flower Herb Tea- 

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