15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea
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15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea

Product Description
Origin Fujian, China
Altitude 600M above sea
Process Plucking-Withering-Drying-Packing
Harvest Time Spring
Dried Leaves Large loose brown tea leaves 
Infusion Golden yellow
Taste Sweet and mellow
Aroma Herb and woody aroma with slight medicinal aroma
Brewed Tealeaves  Soft tealeaves 
Shelf Life 30 Years under Dry, Dark and No Odor Conditions.



The term aged white tea(aka Lao Bai Cha) refers solely to the old white tea which has been stored for a long period of time (10-30 years). Different from traditional green tea, but like Pu-erh, aged white tea continues to oxidize during storage, the longer they are stored, the richer and mellower they will be. In the market, most of the aged white tea we are familiar with are 5-6 years old. In other words, aged white tea of 10-20 years old are very precious and rare.


During the storage, there are a series of changes have been taking place inside the tea. There is a saying about aged white tea in China: “one-year tea, three-year medicine, seven-year treasure. It means one-year old aged white tea still remains a tea, the three-year old aged white tea is not merely a common tea but has great value in medicine and the seven-year old aged tea turns to be a treasure pursued by tea enthusiasts.


Product Details

Tea characteristics:

Aged white tea is truly old white tea after stocked well for more than 3 years. With the increase of time, the composition of white tea nutrition also changes, and the inner quality of tea become gradually mellow.


The appearance is stretched, with obvious white pekoe, the tea leaves are in brown color, with a strong Chinese traditional herbal tea fragrance.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

The tea infusion is rosy and bright, full-bodied and smooth, sweet and refreshing.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-


The boiled tea leaf is stretched, the buds and leaves are fat, rich in compound, and the aroma changes in different depth after multiple layers.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

Tea tree growth environment:

From high mountains Raw tea originated from the Taimu Mountain area, where is the core origin of Fuding white tea. This high mountain tea garden is about 500-800 meters, with the annual average sunshine is 1840 hours, the average annual precipitation is 1661.6, and the annual average temperature is 18.5℃.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

The tea garden will be foggy in the morning or evening, and the tea leaves will be frosted in winter or early spring, huge temperature difference lead to the profound nutrition and taste of White tea leaf.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-


Traditional handpicking, Precious Tea Leaves:

Fuding, Fujian has been producing tea since ancient times, so there are gardens of ancient tea trees. Fuding Dabai tea cultivar is transplanted and bred from the original ancient tea trees and is an excellent tea species. Tea pickers pick fresh leaves by hand, and then manually select them to eliminate those that do not meet the standards.Tens of thousands of fresh leaves are made only for one kilo finished teas.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

Traditional craftsmanship:

Selected high-quality raw tea leaves, dried by using traditional sun withering craftsmanship, no rolling, twisting nor frying. After dried by using Traditional Charcoal.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-


This unique wild aged white tea, from its true origin, Fuding county of Fujian province, It has qualities of un-aged Bai Mu Dan, but with a richer flavor, due to the continued oxidation of the leaves. Ageing makes the tea taste and texture become smoother and fuller. The infused tea color is light yellow at first, while later steepings become brown with a red tone. The aged white tea is abundant in phytochemicals and valuable for both drinking and collecting.


Simple Process:

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-


1. White tea is rich in many amino acids. It is cold in nature and has the function of relieving heat and detoxification. White tea can be used as a fever reducing drug for children with measles, and its effect is better than antibiotics.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea-

2. The longer the storage time white tea takes, the higher the medicinal value it has. White tea is also rich in vitamin A, which can be quickly converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the human body. Vitamin A can synthesize rhodopsin, help the eyes see things more clearly in dark light, and prevent night blindness and dry eye disease.

15 Years Lao Bai Cha Aged White Tea- 

3,White tea also has anti radiation substances, which has a significant protective effect on human hematopoietic function and can reduce the harm of TV radiation. Therefore, in the process of watching TV, drinking more White tea is of great benefit. Especially for children, it should be advocated to drink more White tea, which is beneficial to protect eyes and keep healthy.

Preparation Methods:

1. Put 3-4g the White Peony Tea into a glass;
2. Pour into the glass 100ml 100°C water;
3. Brew for 15 seconds for the first brewing, longer time for the following brewing;
4. The White Peony Tea stands up to four brewing.


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