Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea refers to green tea products and reprocessed products which are made of fresh leaf raw materials produced according to organic agricultural production systems and methods in tea producing areas without any pollution and without application of any synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, chemical food additives and the like, are not contaminated by any chemicals in the process of processing, packaging, storage and transportation, meet the standards of International Federal of Organic Agriculture Movement and are certified by the Organic (Natural) Food Certification Organizations.

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Organic cultivation refers to a series of planting methods in which chemo-synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and animal feed additives are not used at all, organisms and products thereof obtained through the genetic engineering technology are not adopted, instead, a series of sustainable agricultural techniques are adopted according to the natural laws and ecological principles so as to coordinate the relationship between planting industry and animal husbandry and promote ecological balance, diversity of species and sustainable utilization of resources, moreover, unpolluted organic fertilizers must be completely used, and natural methods are adopted for pest control.

Organic Green Tea-

Quality Characteristics

Organic green tea (such as Organic Premium West Lake Long Jing/Dragon Well Loose Leaf Green Tea from Zheng Jiang, Premium Organic Gyokuro Jade Dew Green Japanese Loose Leaf Sencha Tea, Organic En Shi Yu Lu/En Shi Jade Dew Steamed Green Tea, Fresh Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder and Organic Premium Mao Feng Chinese Green Loose Leaf Tea) is green tea which is grown without applying any chemical fertilizers and by using natural fertilizers only. The tea plants are planted by adopting the "organic planting method", and the finished products of tea meet the national organic food standards. In contrast, organic green tea has a significantly lower chance of metal and chemical residues. Organic tea is green food and beverage, and has the health care effects of clearing heat, improving eyesight, reducing blood pressure, preventing cancer, preventing cardiovascular disease, prolonging life and so on.

Modern medical research has confirmed that tea contains rich nutrients, such as theophylline, catechin, amino acids, lipopolysaccharide, mineral substances and vitamins, especially high content of vitamins, and has pharmacological functions. It is determined that in every 100 grams of green tea, the content of vitamin C is as high as 180 mg, which is 7 times higher than that of cabbage, and 10 times higher than that of bananas; the content of vitamin B1 is 6 times higher than that of apples; and the content of vitamin A is 2 times higher than that of eggs. Visibly, tea is a vitamin-rich beauty product.

Catechin in tea, is a natural antioxidant, can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase, is beneficial to scavenging free radical lipid peroxides and has the anti-aging effect. Studies have found that catechin has higher anti-aging effect than vitamin C and vitamin E, especially on enhancing the body's resistance to various pathogens and immunity. Therefore, drinking tea often can prevent illness, delay senility and make people stay young for a long time.

Organic Green Tea-


Anti-cancer Effect

Organic green tea is a kind of unfermented tea and is basically unoxidized, with more natural antioxidant ingredients retained. A piece of green tea has as high as hundreds or thousands of antioxidant ingredients and plays an anti-cancer role to some extent.

Weight Loss

Drinking organic green tea can accelerate calorie consumption, especially fat consumption, which is helpful for weight loss.

Organic Green Tea-