How To Choose The Best Black Tea?

Black tea is the most common tea in our daily life.


When the withered tea is rolled up, oxidized and dried, thus showing the natural flavor, color and texture in the tea, the black tea with good export feeling can be produced.


Black tea has many health benefits, with about half as much caffeine as coffee and about twice as much green tea.


You can buy any black tea you need at Oriental Tea, such as Guangdong No.9 Yingde Black Tea, Dian Hong Cha Yunnan black tea, Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong black tea, etc.


China is the largest producer of tea in the world. Oriental Tea Company Ltd. is a high-quality tea producer and exporter from China. We have the factory which covers area over 2000 square meters and the plantation which is more than 5000 hectare.


Black tea is a kind of completely oxidized tea. The flavor of black tea depends not only on tea varieties, but also on many other factors:


  • Planting soil
  • growth conditions
  • The age of the leaf
  • Picking method
  • Processing methods, etc


Oriental Tea Company Ltd. was founded in 1954, after decades of efforts, we have been committed to producing the best tea. From production, processing to sales, we provide complete and rigorous integrated services.


Whether you buy bulk black tea, or wholesale black tea, or OEM black tea, Oriental Tea will provide you with the best tea and service.


How To Choose The Best Black Tea?-

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