Do not brew these teas with boiling water!

Water for brewing tea is crucial, and the influence of water temperature on tea infusion can not be underestimated.

The six categories of tea are much different, and among them, the following kinds of tea are most "fragile".

Green Tea

Green tea is fine and tender and is not suitable for being brewed with boiling water. Too high water temperature will lead to decomposition of part of substances in green tea, the freshness degree of the taste will be sharply lowered, the bitterness will be obvious, aromatic substances will also volatilize and be lost, and the tea infusion will turn yellow.

Green tea had better be brewed with water at 80-90 DEG. C, can be drunk after more than one minute, and is generally brewed with a glass cup with no lid so as to prevent the tea from becoming stuffy and yellow.

Do not brew these teas with boiling water!-

Black Tea

Black tea, which is completely-fermented tea, releases the flavor fast. If it is brewed with boiling water, the taste will always be prone to turn sour, and the tea infusion will be too strong.

It is generally recommended that the water temperature for brewing Black Tea should be below 90 DEG. C, and the tea infusion should be poured out fast, so that the taste will be sweeter, and the aroma will gain more depth. Moreover, the tea infusion should be thoroughly poured out, so that you can greatly enjoy the changing fun of the taste of black tea.

Do not brew these teas with boiling water!-

White Tea

White tea, which is not stir-fried and rolled, can be divided into Bai Hao Yin Zhen (White Tea Silver Needle), Bai Mu Dan (white Peony) White Tea, Gong Mei (Tribute Eyebrow) White Tea and Shou Mei (Longevity Brow) White Tea according to the tenderness.

White Tea Silver Needle and High-grade White Peony White Tea are relatively fine and tender. If they are brewed at high temperature, the color of the tea infusion will be browned, and a stuffy taste will be caused. Therefore, they had better be brewed with water at the temperature of 90 DEG. C.

However, common White Peony White Tea, Gong Mei White Tea and Shou Mei White Tea can be brewed with boiling water, or can even be boiled for drink after being brewed with boiling water, giving a quite unique and new taste.

Do not brew these teas with boiling water!-