Basic brewing method of black tea

Black tea is widely consumed, which is related to the quality characteristics of black tea. For example, according to the variety of colors, there is a way of drinking and quick
According to the method of fast drinking; according to the method of seasoning, there are the method of clear drinking and the method of blending; according to the method of tea infusion,
There are brewing method and boiling method. But regardless of the method of drinking tea, most of them use teacup to make (adjust) drinking, only
A small number of pots, such as brewing broken black tea or slices, powdered tea. The black tea drinking method is now introduced as follows.

(1) Putting a sanitary ware: Generally speaking, before drinking black tea, no matter what method of drinking is used, you must prepare it first
Tea sets, such as pots for boiling water, cups or cups for holding tea, etc. At the same time, clean water is needed to clean them one by one.
To avoid pollution.

(2) Measure the tea into the cup: usually, according to the needs, only put 3-5 grams of black tea in each cup, or 1-2 bags
Make tea. If you use a pot to cook, separate the tea into the pot according to the ratio of tea to water.

(3) Cooking water to make tea: When the amount of tea is put into the cup, it is poured into boiling water. If it is high-end black tea, then,
It is advisable to use white porcelain cups to observe the appearance and color. Usually flush until eighth full. If you use a pot to cook, then,
The water should be boiled first, and then the tea ingredients should be placed.

(4) Smell the fragrance and observe the color: After the black tea is brewed, usually after 3 minutes, you can smell the fragrance first, and then observe
The soup color of black tea. This approach is particularly fashionable when drinking high-end black tea. As for low-grade tea, there are generally few
Smell the fragrance and see the color.

(5) Tasting and tasting: When the tea soup is hot and cold, you can raise a glass and taste it. Especially drinking high-end black tea,
Tea drinkers need to work hard on the taste, sipping slowly, savoring carefully, and tasting while slowly experiencing and appreciating
The mellow taste of black tea, the real interest of drinking black tea, and the sublimation of spirit.
If the black tea you drink is a bar-shaped tea, you can generally brew 2-3 times. If it’s broken black tea, usually just brew
Once; brew the second time, the taste becomes weaker.
How to brew black tea

1. According to the variety of black tea color
Black tea can be divided into two types: Gongfu black tea drinking method and fast black tea drinking method. Here is the main introduction
Black tea drinking method:
Gongfu black tea drinking method is the traditional Chinese drinking method of Gongfu black tea. Gongfu black tea includes Souchong black tea and Gongfu black tea.
The famous ones are Zhengshan Gongfu Xiaozhong, Qimen Gongfu, Yunnan Gongfu, Zhenghe Gongfu, etc., all of which belong to the tea type, and emphasize the tightness of the appearance.
It is fine and delicate, with high inner flavor and rich color and mellow taste. Drinking time black tea focuses on coveting its fragrance and mellow taste, so more brewing methods are used, namely
Put 3-5 grams of black tea into a white porcelain cup, then pour it into boiling water. After a few minutes, smell the fragrance, then observe the fragrance, and then taste.
A cup of tea can usually be brewed 2-3 times. This kind of drinking method requires the tea drinker to work hard on the word "Pin", pour the drink slowly and carefully.
Sip, taste and appreciate the mellow taste of tea, understand the real fun of drinking tea, make yourself happy and self-satisfied,
Get spiritual sublimation. But to enjoy this kind of blessing, as Mr. Lu Xun said: "First of all, there must be time, and secondly, to practice
It's a special feeling. "This is very pertinent. Most people with rich experience in tea appreciating the beauty gained in "work"
The deeper the feeling, and the accumulation of appraisal experience lies in working hard and practicing more.
The fast black tea drinking method is a drinking method developed in this century, mainly for black tea, black tea bags, instant tea, etc.
Words. Generally brewing once, as many as 2 times, the tea juice is very weak.

2. According to the seasoning of black tea
From the seasoning of the black tea tea soup, it can be divided into the clear drinking method of black tea and the mixing method of black tea.
The black tea drinking method is the method of drinking black tea in most places in China, and the Gongfu black tea drinking method belongs to the drinking method. In black tea soup
No condiments are added to the tea to give the tea its inherent fragrance.
The black tea blending method refers to a method of adding spices to the tea soup to add flavor to the soup. In ancient China, tuan tea and cake tea were all crushed
Add seasonings to cook and drink. In the current black tea blending method, it is more common to add sugar, milk, and lemon to the black tea soup.
Tablets, coffee, honey or champagne, etc. The type and quantity of seasoning depends on the taste of the black tea drinker.
3. According to black tea tea set

According to the different tea sets used, it can be divided into black tea cup drinking method and red teapot drinking method.
Under normal circumstances, Gongfu black tea, Souchong black tea, and black tea bags are mostly consumed by cup. Put the tea in a white porcelain cup, after get off work
In the cup, brew with boiling water and drink. Broken black tea and Pianwei black tea are mostly used in the pot drinking method. Put the tea in the pot, and after brewing it will be
Separate the tea dregs and the tea soup, slowly pour the tea soup from the pot, and place them in small tea cups for easy drinking.

4. According to the leaching method of black tea tea soup
According to the leaching method of tea soup, it can be divided into black tea brewing method and black tea brewing method.
Black tea brewing method: Put the tea leaves in a teacup or teapot as mentioned above, then pour them into boiling water, let stand for a few minutes, and wait
The contents of the tea are dissolved in water and ready to drink.
Black tea brewing method: It is mostly used when guests drink black tea before and after meals, especially in ethnic minority areas, who like to use long-mouthed copper pots to cook
Black tea, or make morning tea with a coffee pot. Put the tea in a pot, add water to boil, and then pour it into a tea cup pre-filled with milk and sugar
In, share it with everyone. Some tables also put a pot of sugar and a jug of milk, and everyone can add milk and sugar to the tea according to their needs.
brewing method

1. Simple soaking method
Bring the water to a boil, the tea set is the most suitable for scenery porcelain, put about five-tenths of the capacity of the pot with tea leaves, pour it into boiling water, and the aroma will be sharp after brewing.
Long-lasting, pour it into a small cup every 45 seconds, smell the fragrance first, then taste, the mouth is full of fragrance, and the aftertaste is sweet.

2. Kung Fu Bubble Method
Qimen black tea is best tasted with clear drink, and when brewing Gongfu black tea, you usually use purple sand tea set, white porcelain tea set and
Red flower porcelain tea set on white. The ratio of tea to water is about 1:50, and the water temperature for making tea is 90-95°C. Brewing time black tea is generally picked
With the pot brewing method, first put the tea in a teapot according to the proportion, add water to brew, the brewing time is 2-3 minutes, and then pour the tea according to the cycle
Method to pour the tea soup into the tea cup and make the tea soup uniform concentration. When tasting, you should drink slowly, good time black tea can generally be brewed
2-3 times.

Specific steps

1. Equipment: pots, fair cups, cups for tasting tea, cups for smelling fragrance are placed on the tea tray, tea ceremony and tea-like pots are placed on the left side of the tea tray, and a kettle
Place it on the right side of the tea tray.

2. Appreciating tea: Open the tea-like pot to let visitors appreciate the color and shape of tea leaves.

3. Hot cup and hot pot: Pour boiling water into the kettle, then pour the water into the fair cup, and then into the pinming cup.

4. Put the tea: Put the tea in the pot at the ratio of 1:50.

5. Wash the tea: add water to the pot in the right hand, use the left hand to take the lid to scrape off the foam, close the lid with the left hand, and pour the tea into the fragrance cup.
Qimen Black Tea Pure Qimen Black Tea

6. The first soak: add boiling water to the pot, soak for one minute, take the opportunity to wash the cup, pour out the water, hold the pot in your right hand and pour the tea into the fair cup.
Then pour from the fairness cup into the smelling cup, and pour only 70% full.

7. The carp jumps into the dragon gate: Use your right hand to cover the tea cup on top of the smelling cup, and place the thumb of your right hand on the bottom of the tea cup.
Put your finger on the bottom of the fragrance cup and turn it over.

8. Traveling in the mountains and playing in the water: Hold the bottom of the tea cup with your left hand, lift the smelling cup from the tea cup with your right hand, and turn it around the mouth of the cup.

9. I like to smell the fragrance: place the fragrance cup on the left palm with the mouth of the cup facing down, and rotate it 90 degrees, with the mouth of the cup facing you, holding it with your thumb Put the mouth of the cup under your nose and smell the fragrance.

10. Taste sipping sweet tea: Three mouthfuls are one product. Three mouthfuls are to be taken. Taste carefully to discover the sweetness of the tea.

11. The second bubble, the third bubble: the operation is the same as above.

The brewing method and process of black tea.
To brew a pot of good tea, the things to pay attention to are tea, water, temperature, time, tea set, etc., as long as you master these
Elements, it will be able to brew a pot of good tea.

1. The tea is good and the amount of tea is moderate.
To brew a pot of good tea, choosing high-quality tea is a necessary condition. Basically, brewing a cup of black tea is about
One teaspoon or 6 grams of tea is brewed with 150-200cc of hot water; the brewing pot of tea depends on the capacity.
Bar tea can be brewed 2-3 times. Broken tea or tea bags are brewed until the aroma and color of the soup are gone.
The brewing method and process of black tea ♀ What is the taste of Tieguanyin.

2. Water quality and water temperature.
Drinking tea has been paying attention to water quality since ancient times. Good water can make tea better and better play its mellow taste. Generally speaking, none
The colorless and odorless water with high oxygen content is most suitable for making tea, and spring water, well water and stream water are the best.
If the spring water is pure water or natural water, it can also be substituted.
Since the tap water at home is more aerobic, it should be allowed to stand overnight in a large container, and then boil it when the chlorine gas is dissipated.
Boil. In addition, the air in the boiled water has been reduced. If it is used for boiling for the second time, it will give the unique aroma of black tea.
And the color is greatly reduced. As for the brewing water temperature should be between 90-100 ℃. The most accurate method is temperature
Measurement, but this will lose the interest. The general method is to let the water boil, turn off the heat and wait for a while before flushing.
The amount of soak waiting time depends on the room temperature. If it is difficult to control the time, another convenient method is the "high impact method".
The kettle is about to be raised high, so that when the hot water is poured into the kettle, there will be a buffer and a cooling effect.

3. Brewing time.
The brewing method and process of black tea

What is the taste of Tieguanyin.
To brew a pot of good tea, the tea leaves need to be separated from the tea soup after brewing. At this time, the mastering of the brewing time becomes
The essential. If the brewing time is too long, all the tannins and catechins in the tea will be released, making the tea soup change
It's bitter. On the contrary, if the brewing time is too short and the release of amino acids in the tea is insufficient, the aroma of black tea cannot be brewed.
Sweet, the tea soup will have a distinct watery taste. If it cannot be controlled by time, it can be judged according to the color of the tea soup, only
If the color of the tea soup is correct, you can make a good cup of tea. Since the color of the tea soup of different tea leaves is different, it must be based on experience
It can be judged by the experiment, but in general, the tea soup should be bright and clear, with a bright color, and no turbidity.

4. Tea set.
The attractive aroma of black tea is mainly emitted by the heat. If the boiled water is poured directly into the ice-cold tea
After making the pot, pour it into an ice-cold teacup, the heat will be greatly reduced, and the fragrance will not be released. Therefore
Before brewing, blanch the teapot with hot water and fill the teacup with hot water. When the tea leaves are almost brewed,
Pour out all the water in the cup, and then pour into the brewed tea soup. If there is still tea in the teapot that has not been poured out, it’s best to keep it warm
Cover to maintain the temperature of the tea, especially when drinking tea in autumn and winter, the temperature of the tea drops instantly, and the heat preservation cover is one of the necessary props.