Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas

Do you know what the TOP 10 expensive teas are in China, or maybe all over the world?

Do you want to know the tea that you may not drink even if you can afford?

Here, we will show you these astronomically expensive tea.

Guizhou Duyun MaojianGreen Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥666,000.00/kg(Chinese Yuan, around 102,500 usd dollars)

At the auction of Duyun Maojian New Tea in 2011, the maximum transaction price of "Duyun Maojian Special Treasure Tea King" No. 2 (150g) reached ¥100,000.00, equivalent to ¥666,000.00/kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


AnxiTieguanyinOolong Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥670,000.00/kg

In June 2012, at the auction of spring treasures of famous tea ware and famous tea of Straits of China, Light-aroma Tieguanyin Oolong Tea was auctioned at a price of ¥67,000.00/100g in the tea king competition, equivalent to ¥670,000.00/kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Anhui Luan Guapian Green Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥920,000.00/kg

In April 2002, the auction price of "Tea King" Xu Daoxian reached ¥46,000.00/50g, equivalent to ¥920,000.00/ kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Chaozhou Fenghuang Dancong Oolong Tea Songzong No.1

Maximum auction price: ¥1,000,000.00/kg

In April 2016, at the picking ceremony of Fenghuang Dancong Songzong in Fenghuang County, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, Chaozhou Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix single cluster) Oolong Tea Songzong No.1 was successfully auctioned at a price of ¥1,000,000.00/kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Henan Xinyang Maojian Green Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥1,490,000.00/kg

At the Finest Xinyang Auction in 2006, Xinyang Maojian Tea King "Lantian Yuye (Blue Sky Jade Leaf)" was successfully auctioned at ¥745,000.00/500g, equivalent to ¥1,490,000.00/kg, winning the highest price in green tea auction in Chinese history.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Anhui Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥1,700,000.00/kg

In June 2007, at the first "Yellow Mountain Cup" Competitive Famous Tea Auction held by Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd., 50 grams of Wang Mantian brand Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Maofeng Green Tea was auctioned at ¥85,000.00, equivalent to ¥1,700,000.00/kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Anhui Taiping Houkui Green Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥2,000,000.00/kg

In May 2009, the final auction price of 100 grams of Taiping Houkui Green Tea at the “National Gift Tea Anhui Taiping Houkui Famous Tea Auction” in Jinan reached ¥200,000.00, equivalent to ¥2,000,000.00/kg.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


West Lake Longjing Green Tea Imperial 18Tea Bushes

Incalculable price

West Lake Longjing (Dragon Well) Green Tea has been headed the Top Ten Famous tea in China all the time, with an annual output of only 100g. It is said that Longjing "Imperial 18 Tea Bushes" is personally named by Emperor Qianlong, so its price is of course incalculable.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Yunnan Jingua (Golden Pumpkin) Tribute Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥3,500,000.00/kg

Jinxiu Tea King Xiangzhuqing surpasses the most expensive price in Pu-erh Tea history with the price of ¥350,000.00/100g, equivalent to 3,500,000.00/kg. It is known as "Pu-erh Tea Overlord".

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-


Wuyi MountainMother TreeDahongpao Oolong Tea

Maximum auction price: ¥10,400,000.00/kg

At the 7th Wuyi Mountain Dahongpao Festival in 2005, the auction price of 20 grams of Wuyi Mountain Mother Tree Dahongpao (Big Red Robe) Oolong Tea reached ¥208,000.00, equivalent to ¥10,400,000.00/kg. There are only six Dahongpao mother trees now. According to the legend, in the Qing Dynasty, only the emperor can enjoy the tea.

Top 10 expensive Chinese Teas-